Napa with Karen's Dad
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Karen's dad came to visit us for the first time.  He had a great time.  We showed him around Napa wine valley, as he loves wine.  He took home lots of wines for his collection.  We had a fun time with him staying at our house as well.
Here we are with Karen's dad at the wine table, waiting to be served more wine.  It was an interesting experience to taste all the different wines.  We usually don't drink much alcohol, but we found some that we liked.
Melody trying to look cool with her glass of wine.  She usually doesn't like to drink, but she dabbled a little bit during the trip. 
This is for all the "BIANCA" fans out there.  We found a wine that was called "Malvasia Bianca" so we had to get it of course.  But it tasted really good as well.  We will have to invite our Bianca friends over for a drink one time.
There was a wine shop that was up in the hills.  We had to take this trolly up the hills to get to it.  It was a spectacular sight.
We went to the Napa Culinary Cuisine to try out various cooks that were learning how to cook.  It was a great meal.  See how happy Karen looks!
This was one of the dishes we ordered.  It was a nice duck.  We loved duck, but always had the chinese version so now we are having the american style version which is just as good.
Melody wanted her picture taken next to this statue.  I wonder why?
We also went to see the Geyser.  This geyser erupts every 30 minutes like clock work.  It's a beautiful sight and a very natural phenomena.
We also visited a Petrified forest.  Here is a statue of a bear that was along our path.
Here are the petrified trees we saw.  They are are hard like stone.