Roaring Camp
Moonlight Train Ride
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On September 6, 2003 we took a romantic ride aboard a train through the redwoods in Felton, CA.  The ride was at night, by the moonlight, and included dinner before and dancing after the ride.  The trip lasted about an hour but the fun lasted well into the night. 
All aboard...Come see!!
The trains are open air so that you can see all the scenery.  Even though we left as the sun was setting, there were lights that helped us see all the beautiful sights.
Melody waits to board the train.  The park where the station is, is called Roaring Camp.  It is so beautiful with all the big redwood  tress.
A covered bridge serves as the passage from the real world to the Railroad World.  Once through, you take a step back in time and all your cares disappear!
The grounds at the park are set up to look like you are stepping back in time.  The details of each building really helps give you the "oldtimy" feel!
Melody poses with the steam engine before our ride in the moonlight.
We are all smiles and wide-eyed as we take our moonlit ride.  We passed over a river and were able to see the moon reflecting off the water.  It was so romantic.