Monday Night Football
49ers vs Steelers
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On Monday, November 17, 2003, we attended our first pro football game.  Neither of us had ever seen one in person before, so it was an experience that we wanted to fully enjoy.  We arrived early and stayed until they shut the lights off in the stadium. 
Here we pose in our great seats.
Melody gave this to Karen as an early Christmas gift. 
This is the view from our seats, down to the field.  It was so much fun to watch the players warming up for the game.
That's Karen sitting up in the empty stands.  Melody took the picture from  down near the field.  
Everyone who went to the game, got one of these fingers to help them cheer ont he 49'ers.  Of course, Karen was cheering on the Steelers.
The cheerleaders lineup to greet the players as they run from the blow-up helmet onto the field.   Here comes the 49'ers!!
The stands fill up fast.  Karen enjoys the game, even if her Steelers are losing.
Close up action on the field.  We got the idea to put the camera up to our binoculars and take some photos.  Pretty good, huh? 
Close up action shot again.  Makes you feel like you are down on the field with them.
After the game, we stayed behind for the post game show.  We stayed until they turned out the lights and through us out!
A view from our seats onto the field.  We got to see everything that was happening on both sides.  They were great seats and the game was fun to watch.  The Steelers lost, but we won.  We had a great time!