Milpitas Park
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Karen and I like to visit our local parks.  This time we went to Milpitas park to spend some time brainstorming interview questions for the gay couples we were interviewing for the "Spouses for Life" book. 
Here is Melody by the lake.  Doesn't she look cool?
The hills and mountain surrounding us are beautiful.  It's amazing that just a few miles away is the city.
There were people hang gliding around the park.  It was interesting to see the different hang gliders.
A nice peaceful picture of the trees overlooking the lake.
Karen and Melody packed a picnic lunch for the park. 
Here is a duck that wanted some of our picnic lunch.  He stuffed himself silly with crackers that he has.
Another picture of the lake with a duck inside.  It's such a calming park.  Great place to relax and it's not crowded.
A black bird in the sky.  Lots of wild life surrounded us.