Melody's Family
Melody's Family Get Together (Karen meets Melody's Mother for First Time)
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Here is Karen and Melody talking to Melody's mother.  This was the first time they really talked.  My mom had a lot of things to say.
This was Melody's dad with his church friends that attended Melody's grandmother funeral.
Melody's dad side of the family came for Melody's grandmother funeral.  2 aunts. 

As well, Melody's grandmother funeral brought Karen and Melody's mother together for the first time in 5 years.  (Melody's mother was not ready to meet Karen up till then.)   They hit it off really well so now Karen is invited to Melody's monthly family get together. 
This is Melody's mother and father and 2 aunts.  The aunts were very nice.
Here again is Melody's mother talking to Karen.  She sure does have a lot to say.  (I guess after 5 years there is just so much to catch up on.)
Melody's 2 aunts (from her father's side) came.  We took them to the San Jose downtown Christmas display.  It was a lot of fun showing them around the town.
Here is Melody with her aunts.