Melody's Family
Melody's Grandmother Memories
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We took this picture at Sears, when Melody was working there.  This was the only picture that Melody's grandmother smiled in as we told her to smile. 
This was another picture taken at Sears.  We did not tell Grandma to smile so you see, she's not smillng.
Melody's grandmother passed away December 2006.  Melody was not too close with her grandmother.  She spoke a different dialect of Chinese so it was hard to understand.  She met Karen before but did not know she was Melody's partner.  Melody's grandmother always liked to say that Karen loved to eat so she was big. 

The best thing Melody's grandmother gave us was for Karen to meet Melody's mother.  After 5 years of dating, Melody's mom was not ready to meet Karen until Melody's grandmother funeral.  After they met, Melody's mom now gets along with Karen and constantly invites her to dinner.  It meant a lot that Melody's mother has finally accepted Karen.
Melody's sister was very close to her grandmother.  They spent more time together.
Here is a picture of Melody with her grandmother.
We loved this picture of my grandmother.  Melody was tring to take picture and we caught her grandmother off-guard with a cute smile.
Here is Melody with her sister, Jennifer trying to take a group picture.  This was one of the last get-together with Melody's grandmother.