Melody's 30th Birthday
Melody's 30th Bday Dinner
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Melody's friends came over to for Melody's 30th bday.  We all picked a dish to cook and cooked it at our place.
Karen got these cute t-shirts for us to wear.  She is Pooh and I am Piglet.
Melody and Karen in their Pooh and Piglet t-shirts at the party.
Melody's plate full of yummy food!
Melody cooked this pasta shells for dinner. 
King cooked this fried rice, with sausage, zuchinni, green bell peper, tomato.
Melody cookied this stuffed tomato.
Stephanie cooked this stuffed zuchini.
Ai-Lin cooked this crusted fish dish.
James got Melody this Happy Bday balloon.
Melody with her bday cake, that Karen made. 
Melody blowing out the candles.  Make a wish!