Melody Bday with
Carol & Leigh 2007
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We celebrated Melody's birthday with our favorite couple friend, Carol and Leigh.  We went to play pool and air hockey.    We had a lot of fun.
Here is Carol and Melody.  They met on the Bianca All My Childrent soap opera board.
Leigh is Carol's partner.  Here she is lining up her shot.
Karen is eying the ball ready to shoot it into the right pocket.
We played air hockey too.  Karen and Carol had a good match.
We saw this art work at the pool table.  It's a picture of a lady with bra and panties.  It was very nicely done.  We had a fun time looking at it.
Melody is all ready with her shot.  Look at that serious form.  She takes her pool seriously.
Here is Leigh with Melody.  Is Melody picking her nose with the cue stick?  Eww....
Carol is looking to see what her best shot is.
Karen is getting ready to make her shot into the goal.
Carol denies the shot and strikes back.