Melody 28th Bday
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Melody had a wonderful 28th Bday with her friends and Karen.  We had a lot of theme gifts this year including Care Bears, Winnie the Pooh and cats. 
Here is Melody with her friends (from left to right) Ai-Lin and Karin.  They came to celebrate her birthday at a Chinese restaurant.  Chinese food is Melody's favorite.
Karen designed a cake for Melody.  She couldn't find a place that could make the CareBears the way she wanted so she bought some Care Bear toys and put them on the cake.  Look at the bears standing on the grass and the clouds. This was really cool!
Here is Melody blowing out her candles on her birthday cake!  Make a wish and hope it comes true!
Karen and Melody on Melody's birthday.  Don't we make a cute couple?
Ai-Lin got Melody a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet photo album.  We have a thing that Winnine the Pooh is Karen and Piglet is Melody.  So Winnie and Piglet remind us of us.
Karen got Melody a cat bathroom set.  It includes a cat bath mat, waste basket, cups, hand wash dispenser, tooth brush holder, shower rings and towels.  Melody loves cats so we decorated the spare bedroom with these new bathroom stuff.
Melody's sister got her a Wiinnie the Pooh and Piglet plate.  Cool.
Melody loves Carebears as it reminds her of her childhood.  Karen bought these Care Bear balloons on Melody's birthday.