Melody's 29th Birthday with her Sister
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For Melody's birthday, her sister Jennifer decided to treat us to one of Melody's favorite Chinese restaurants.  We all met there and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
Melody opened her gift from Jennifer after dinner.  We had a really nice time!
Jennifer gave Melody candle holders that looked like a strawberry and an apple.  Inside were candles with the same fragrance!
Melody and Karen pose for their together picture at Chef Chu's.  One of our favorite chinese restaurants.
Back at Jennifer's place Stretch, a kitty Jennifer shares with a neighbor, gives Melody her own birthday gift.  Melody gets to love on Stretch as much as she wants!  Wow, what a great idea.  Why didn't I think of that?
Melody likes Napoleans.  A flaky layered dessert.  Karen found a bakery who made them and we had Napoleans instead of birthday cake.