Melody's 29th Birthday
- Picnic with Friends
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For her birthday celebration, Melody's friends decided to have a picnic at a nearby park.  They had all the fixins, we just had to show up and eat and have fun.  We had a wonderful day playing frisbee and cooking-out in the park.
Melody wearing her official party hat, gets ready to flip a burger or two.  Now, where are those burgers?
Phro and Dana discuss the art of starting a BBQ grill.
"What do you do first?" 
"I don't know dude, I thought you did!"
"No man.  My dad always took care of the grill, I just ate."
Someone had used this grill before us and left the hot coals.  We decided to take advantage of the started, ready to cook coals and get some food on the table.
Karin and Steph made a wonderful spread of food and drinks.  Everything tasted good and was made better by the company we shared!
A hamburger, fully dressed and ready for the hungry eater to dig in.
Good thing those guys finally figured out how to lite the grill!
Karin made this cake just for Melody.
It's called a "Kitty Litter" cake.
Rice Krispies on top are dyed to
resemble kitty litter. 
A tootsie roll doubles as....well, you know!
King and Melody pose for a picture at the grill. 
Sometimes, two heads are better than one!
The hungry crowd settles down to enjoy the many choices of goodies to eat.
After lunch, it was time to burn off some of those calories.  Frisbee was a good way!
Karin shows off her Frisbee throwing skills!
Karen looks ready to throw, but is there anybody ready to catch?  Is everyone taking a nap?
This dog, found our Nerf football and decided he would rather play with the football instead of the ball his owner wanted him to fetch.  It took awhile to get the football back from him.  He put up a good fight!
These two dogs played together for the longest time.  Most dogs are not on leashes here, but everyone seems to behave.
Yes, the small thing on the right side is a dog.  It's a teacup chihuahua.  The beagle could have had him in one bite!
Good thing they are friends.