Melody's 29th Birthday Gift
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Melody really wanted a basketball hoop for her birthday.  She didn't think she told anybody though, so she didn't expect to get one.  But Karen heard those unspoken wishes and surprised Melody with her very own basketball hoop.  We built it together and started playing with it.
Melody has a good three point shot.  Karen is still working on her two point shot!
A shot of the hoop from underneath.  We have it up pretty high, as Melody is really good at making those shots.  Don't want it to be too easy.  Have to make it at least a little challenging!
Melody shows her good form as she gets ready to make her shot.
We have the perfect place for the hoop on the side of the house.  The two houses make excellent walls to keep the ball from going astray.  You can see how tall the hoop is compared to Melody!
Melody sinks her shot and gets ready to get the ball and try for another!