Melody's 30th Bday Camping
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We went camping at Half Moon Bay beach for Melody's 30th bday.  Our tent overlooks the beach.  We had a great view and a great time.
This is Melody's first time camping.  Can you believe that?  She seems excited.  We put up our tent!!!
Us inside our tents.  We are having lots of fun!
Karen smiling as she is eating her dorito in the tent.
Princess came with us too.  Here she is bundled up in the sleeping bag.
We did a lot of cook out over this camp grill.  See the flames shoot up!
Karen cooking us dinner over the camp grill.
We had the best seats in town.  We just pull up a chair from our campsite and this is our beach view.
Us together looking out to the beach.
We went down to the beach as well.  We had a fight with setting up that umbrella.  The umbrella almost won!
Here is the kite Karen flew while on the beach.
Our dinner is served.  Karen can't wait to dig in.
Melody with her spaghetti and bread dinner.  It was cold this day.
We had fun toasting marshmellows as well.
We  were albe to watch a lot of sunsets from our campsite.
Karen giave Melody a present in this heart shaped box she made.
Karen got Melody for her birthday this braclet.  It has little hearts and has her name engraged on it.
Here is our breakfast.
Here is a morning view of the waves coming towards the beach.