L-Word Party
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We celebrated the start of Showtime's "The L Word" with a get together with friends.  We watched a tape of the first episode, played darts and games, ate tons of food and had a great time just being together.
Of course, we threw in a little of AMC's Lianca too!!
We all got cozy around the smores maker and toasted some marshmellows.  The best part was seeing who could make the blackest, er I mean the toastiest, marshmellow.
(l to r: Karen, Moonie, Alex, Carol and Sheila)
The space over the burner was popular.  We had to learn to share and take turns...who says adults can't learn new tricks.  Do you see how dark that marshmellow is getting?
We tried to stay up all night playing games, but we are just not as young as we used to be.  One of the games we played was dirty word scrabble.   We started out strong, you can see the middle of the board was a good beginning.  Of course, as our sleep deprived brains gave out on us, we had to rely on the usual words.  We added letters whenever and wherever we wanted to.  That's what happens when you are too tired to really care who wins the game. 
WOW...who made that shot?
The dart board proved to be a bullseye for the party. 
The loser was the wall.  Who said you couldn't put soft-tipped darts into a wall.  Carol had no trouble at all!!