Visting Our Nouna, Ajax and Comet
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Earlier in the year, we found Nouna (a stray cat we had been feeding) was having babies.  We ended up fostering them, while they grew old enough to be adopted out.  We were lucky our friends, Lisa and Dee, had big hearts to give them a home.

We went a few months later to see how our kids have grown.  They were probably around 9 months old and had grown a lot, especially Ajax.  They were very happy kids with a great home.
Melody with Ajax.  Look how big she is.  She looks a lot like her dad.
Karen holding Nouna, the mother cat. 
Ajax smelling Melody.  She's trying to remember if she knows her.
Comet likes to eat people food.  Here is Karen feeding her some of our food.  "Yummy!"she says.
Close up of Ajax.
Comet licking her chops. 
We got them a pretty blue carrier for their trips to the vet. 
This is Nouna, Ajax, Comet's other roommate.  He's really friendly and came to see the new carrier too.
Lisa and Dee cooked us a nice lunch.  Dee's a great cook.  We left there really full.
Group picture time!   Smile!