Lick Observatory
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We went to Lick Observatory to view the stars and moon upclose through a high power telescope.
Here is the entrance to Lick Observatory. It is located way up in the hills.  Driving up there can be quite exhausting.
A view of Lick Observatory from afar.  It's located way up in the mountains.
A close-up of the Lick Observatory building.  This is where the telescope extends out a night to view the stars.
A close-up view of the telescope.
There were beautiful views from the Lick Observatory.
We watched the sunset from the Lick Observatory.
Melody getting ready to look into the telescope.  Look the other way!!!
Karen's smarter.  She's looking into the telescope.
We were able to see the moon up close through the telescope.  We used our camera and put it up to the lens to take this picture.
A view of the planet/moon from far away.