LiancaFest 2003
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On July 5, 2003 we had our first LiancaFest.  We invited everyone who lives around the Bay Area to come to our home and enjoy hours of Lianca goodness.  Friends traveled from far and wide to come to our house and share food, fun, laughs, tears, friendship and lots of Lianca!!
Oh, and all those prizes and surprises!!
Everyone got comfortable to watch hours of Lianca.  Here from left to right: Anne, Alex and Kathy watch and laugh at Lianca.
More friends getting cozy for the marathon Liancafest. It took about 8 hours to watch all the tapes. 
Here from left: Carol, Angie, Sheila and Anne.
Must be an intense scene.
We teased Alex with our "Kiss" poster.  We pasted Olga's and Eden's pictures over the faces to make it a Lianca poster.
One of the surprises was for our July birthday girls.  We had a special cake made just for them...of course, we enjoyed it too!!
Melody did a great job making the photo that was turned into the cake!
The gangs all here!! From top left: Carol, Leigh, Sheila, Anne.
Second Row: Karen, Angie, Alex and Kathy.
Bottom: Renee, Leah and Melody.
Each is holding her
Lianca Memorabilia!
Our July birthday girls holding their special cake.
From left: Alex, Angie and Sheila.
Leah and Renee get cozy on the floor with Princess.
Karen BBQs hamburgers and hot dogs for the Liancalites.  Everyone had lots of good things to eat!
Melody made Lianca clocks to give as prizes.  Not everyone received one, but those who were lucky enough to snag one, were sure pleased with their party favor.
One of the other prizes were mousepads made with different Bianca and/or Lena scenes.  They turned out great.
We think that everyone left with something that they really liked. 
Melody is just so talented and creative!!