Karen's mom 65th Bday Party
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Karen's mom turned 65 years old.  We had a surprise birthday party thrown for her and her friends.  Karen's sister was there too.  We had lots of fun.
The family together on Karen's mom bday.  from left to right, Kimberly (Karen's sister), Pat (Karen's mom), Karen and Melody)
Melody made this picture cake for Karen's mom. 
Karen, Karen's mom and Karen's sister at Karen's mom 65th party.  She was really happy and surprised!
The birthday girl looking at her crosage.  We thought the flower was real, but it was actually fake.  We had kept it in the refridgerator thinking it was real.
Here was the place all decorated.  Here are her friends.
These were all her gifts.
Karen handing her mom gifts to open.
Here was our gift we gave Karen's mom.  It was 3 pictures by the same photographer.
Karen's mom making a wish before she blew out her handles on her cake.
Karen with her sister, Kimberly.