Karen 43rd Bday
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For Karen's 43rd birthday, Melody wanted to take Karen camping by the beach.  Unfortunately, the campgrounds were full by the time we got there.  Instead we still had a fun time at the beach, went to a nice restaurant and camped at home.  Karen had a wonderful 43rd birthday.
We love this picture of us lounging on the beach right by the water.   It was a great day full of sun.  Karen loves looking out at the water.
Melody bought some sand castle toys to play with on the beach.  Here we made some sand castle towers.  See the sea horse and octuput guarding our castles?
Here we are at Bella Vista Restaurant at Woodside.  Melody took Karen to a nice restaurant overlooking the bay.  We had a great meal and a wonderful chocolate souflee for desert.
Here was the view from the restaurant.  YOu can see the bay overlooking us.
After dinner, we went back to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was a beautiful watching the sun set over the water. 
Melody bought this little birthday cake for Karen.  We have this thing that Karen is Pooh Bear and Melody is Piglet. 
Melody gave Karen a promise ring for her birthday.  Karen had given her a ring 3 years back that looks very close to this ring so we now both have promise rings.  Melody promises to love Karen.  Karen loves the ring and likes to pretend she's got the "ring of power" over Melody.
Here we are setting our tent up in our living room.  People later asked us why we didn't camp in the backyard, but it was too cold and Melody has never camped before so this was a good start.
This star was another present for Karen.  Karen had said it would be great if there were stars to look out to from our tent.  So Melody turned off the lights and hung this star light and brought the stars to Karen.  Awww..