Karen Bday (2007)
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Melody turned 46 this year.  She got a tool chest to put all her tools.  We also went to a nice Japanese tapa restaurant.  Afterwards, we went to a drive in movie.  Then we had an ice cream dacqueri cake..
Karen had her eyes closed before she could see her present. 
Here is Karen with her new tool chest given by Melody.  It even has a battery charger station.
Melody is all dressed up for dinner at the Japanese tapa.  The meal was okay.  We still prefer the old fashioned sushi.
We had this Japanese pizza.
This was some sort of fried croquette.  Really fancy stuff. 
Some fried rice cooked really elegantly.
Here wer are at Karen's bday dinner at the Japanese tapa restaurant.
Afterwards, we went to a drive in.  Karen loves drive in theatres.  She used to work in one a long time back.
Here is Karen in the van ready to watch the movie at the drive-in.
Melody is anxious for the movie to start as well.  We watched "Surf's Up", a cartoon about some penguin that wanted to surf.
Karen with her birthday ice cream cake all lit up.
Karen makes a wish as she blows out the candles.
A close-up of this 31 Flavor Ice cream cake. 
Inside it was dacqueri ice cream.  We had an inside joke where Melody wore this sexy light green sexy lingerie that looked a lot like dacqueri ice.