Karen's 44th Birthday
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This year, Melody decided to give Karen a birthday full of surprises.  The first was her gift, a new gril.  The second was a party the next day where Karen would get to try out her new present by cooking for the guests!  We had a lot of fun and shared a nice afternoon with great friends we hadn't seen in a long time.  Thanks Moonie, Mary, Turtle, Alex, Lisa and Dee for celebrating with us!
Karen's birthday gift.  Isn't it pretty.  Melody knew she made the right choice when she found it in a blue color.  It had a table on the side and a bucket for charcoal storage.  It's really nice!
Karen demonstrates one of the many features of her new grill.  The top slides of to the side but stays connected to the grill.  Makes for easier turning and tending on the grill!
The day of the party is a nice, sunny day.  Just perfect for having a barbecue.  We had lots of different goodies to cook.  Hope we are having lots of guest to eat too!
A peek under the hood reveals, salmon wrapped in foil, shrimp on skewers, and marinated veggies on skewers.  The hamburgers and hotdogs wait their turn for grill space.  Yummy!
Happy birthday to Me...Happy birthday to Me!
The perfect ending to the cook-out is the ice cream cake.  Just the way Karen likes it...chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream!  It was sure good to eat!!
Karen blows out the candles on her cake and on her birthday barbecue.  Everyone had lots to eat and a good time.  Let's don't wait another year before we see each other again.  When's the next barbecue?
Karen and Melody pose with the gifts that Melody gave her.  The bottle on the left is almond flavored syrup.  You can add it to anything and make it taste really good!! On the right is a underwater themed vase.
Since "C" can't stand for cookie anymore, Melody thought she might pick up this t-shirt.  Next years will say "C" is for celery, or cauliflower or something else much less desirable than cookies!
Karen and Lisa with Lisa's gift of Cosmopolitans.  Next time we need a stiff drink, we will have one on hand. 
Thank you Lisa and Dee!
Karen and Alex with the card that Alex gave.
Thank you Alex!
I'm so glad I got to share the day with my friends!