Karen's 45th Birthday
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Karen celebrated her bday with Melody, her family and friends from bowling.  Come see the fun we had on her birthday.
Melody got these beautiful colored roses for Karen's birthday.
Up close look of the beautiful two toned roses.
Karen with her bday gift from Melody.  Open it!!
It's an electric fryer!  Great to fry foods in.
Karen is excited to use her new fryer.
We had to do a lot of prep work to fry the various items we were preparing.  Here the vegetables are awaiting their sauces and batter.
The electric fryer frying up some fried onions.  The food that came out of this fryer was delicious!
Karen's dad was also hear to enjoy our fried feast and to celebrate Karen's bday.
Here is our fried mixed vegetables.
We love eggplant so frying eggplant was a must.  Boy were these delicious.
Fried spare ribs.  Not as good.  I think we didn't do the recipe correctly.
Fried onion rings.
Karen framed Karen's terrible towel for her bday gift.
Karen's bday cake.
Karen shared her bday cake with her bowling league team members.
We also went out to lunch with Melody's sister, Melody's dad and Karen's dad.
Karen with her dad.
Melody's bday card for Karen.