Day 1: Roaring Camp Railroad and Santa Cruz Beach
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Our first stop for sight-seeing was at Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton, CA.  We took a ride on an authentic steam  train up into the moutains.  The engine, for the train, actually pushed us uphill on one of the steepest grades that an engine can take!! 
We saw towering redwoods that rose above our heads hundreds of feet! !  It was amazing !
This is the locomotive that chugged us on the steep mountains.  It actually dates from the 1890's and is one of the most authentically perserved narrow-gauge steam engines in America!
We decided to sit in one of the open air cars so that we could see all the sites around us.  The sun was shining here, but once we got into the mountains, the trees provided plenty of shade!
Melody, Karen and Karen's Mom Pat, pose for their picture while waiting to board the train. 
Here comes the train....all aboard!
A look ahead to the steam engine as we wind our way up the mountain.  We traveled over trestles and through towering redwood groves, thousands of years old!!
The trees make a great canopy, filtering out the sun.  You can see how tall some of them are!
Despite their height, the redwood trees have pretty narrow trunks.  Here, Melody can actually hide in a small opening in a trunk of a redwood tree!
After the train ride, we walked around the grounds and checked out their Country Store!  Karen took her Cow backpack and when we saw this childsize barn, we just had to get the cow's picture in the barn!
We left Felton and headed for the sunny beaches in Santa Cruz.  We set up our beach umbrella, broke out the beach chairs and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the tides role in! 
Ahh, what a life!
Mom and Karen, comfy and cozy in the shade on the beach!
Okay, Mom wanted a little sun for the warmth!
In the background are some shops and houses that have a great view of the ocean!  The ocean breeze was a little cool, so many folks wanted to sit in the sun for that extra added warmth!
Whoever said California beaches were warm and sunny, was definitely not talking about Northern California!