Hot Air Balloon Ride
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For Karen's 42nd birthday, Melody had given her tickets to ride a hot air balloon.  Unfortunately, the weather was not good so we could not go on that day. 
A year later, we finally took our trip up into the skies on our first hot air balloon ride.  It was a wonderful experience.  You feel like a bird weightless in the sky.
Karen is all excited and wants to help out.  We had to wake up really early in the morning in order to fly in the hot air balloon.
Here is Karen and I in the hot air balloon ride just before take off.  It can fit a lot of people in a little basket.
This is a view from the hot air balloon ride of a golf course.
These houses look so small from up in the air.  It looks like some blocks of legos.
This is what sheep look like from the sky.  Everything looks so minature.
Here is a farming land.  Look how square the land is.
We are definitely enjoying our ride up in the sky. 
Here is the shadow of our hot air balloon ride.  Is that cool or what?