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We worked in our garden this year, adding lots of new plants and some new planters.  We even got a strawberry planter to start growing strawberries. We  found a Pooh and Piglet yard pot, so of course we HAD to have it.
We also painted and furnished our new office.  We had a busy spring!
One of our new planters.  We filled it full of multicolored plants and put it under our front window.  Most of those plants have died and been replaced, but the planter is still looking great!
This is our strawberry planter.  It actually produced a few strawberries for us this year.  Hopefully, next year we'll have lots of strawberries!
This is a close up of the planter underneath our window.  The red plants in the back survivied and grew really tall.  All the other died, but we replace them with a small ground cover with white flowers.  It looks really nice with the red flowers in the back.
We planted this plant in the garden across from the patio.  It has really started to take off and is growing nicely.
Pooh and Piglet with a snapdragon in the honey pot.  The snapdragon didn't make it, but we put a perennial with orange flowers that matched Pooh.  This looks really good now!
This is our Cala Lillies.  We got a lot of white flowers from this plant this year!  Our new plant with the pink above, is just on the other side of the little girl on the bicycle.
This is our new office.  We painted it two-tone purple and put up a chair rail in the middle.  Our furniture is a distressed antique white.  We didn't want the hutch on top of the desk, so we made it into a bookshelf.  Aren't we clever and creative?
A close up of the hutch that we turned into a bookshelf.  We bought and stained a piece of wood to match the desktops and then attached the hutch to the wood.  It was really easy and looks really nice!
Melody's desk.  We got different desks because we had different needs.  This is really nice furniture and we were really lucky to get a good deal on it.  Everything looks nice in the new room!
Melody had flowers sent to Karen in this vase.  When the flowers died, we went to Michael's and made an arrangement of artificials to fill the vase.  It now sits on the mantle of our fireplace in the living room!
We can't put up curtains because of the kitties, so we decided to use something else to frame the windows.  These leafy vines do the trick and they have all the colors of our living room in them.  Then look really cool!