Home Improvements
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We have been working very hard on improving the house both indoors and outdoors.  Melody's parents were nice to allow them to stay in a house they were renovating to sell.  So to pay them back, we have done a lot of home modeling to improve the home's resell value.  We have a lot of fun working on new home improvement projects.  This is our practice home so when we have a home one day ourselves, we will know what to do.
We painted the dining room area a nice gold color.  Seen here are the dining table, wicker chair and our cat jungle gym.
We painted the living room a nice green color.  It was Melody's sister's idea to paint it green and we are glad we followed her advice.
We also worked on the outside of the house.  We painted the gutters  the orangish/red color accented with some white around it. 
Here is the house from the other side.  We also painted the fence and the planter boxes white to match with the house colors.
We planted these nice flowers along our walkway to add color. 
We painted the platner box white and added some flowers.  We also added the girl riding a bike which was Melody's mom present to her.
Here is our new washer and dryer!  We had been doing laundry for a year at the laundry mat and finally decided it was time to buy our own washer and dryer.
We found out that our old refridgerator we bought second hand was eating up a lot of electricity so we bought this nice stainless steel side-by-side refridgerator.  We love it as it has lots of room, looks great and has an ice machine too.