Halloween 2004 (Outdoor)
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We love to decorate for the holidays.  Here are some of our great decorations we got this year to decorate our yard!  Come see!
Here is our new Halloween wreath.  We picked this up at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin patch.  It's cute with cat, witch and pumpkin to greet our trick-or-treaters.
Here is our Halloween outdoor displays.  See the lighted pathways and our Halloween decorations
Melody bought karen these new yard art.  The artist was fabulous in getting the details.  This reminds us of us as Karen is Pooh and Melody is Piglet.
Karen loves the Charlie Brown gang during the holidays so Melody ordered this cute Halloween display for the yard.
Here is Karen on Halloween day.  She is checking the decorations to make sure they are all in order.  And she's got her Halloween t-shirt on!
Here is our new Halloween sign to cover the fence outside.  It symbolizes the many cats we have inside!
Our path way is strung up with lights to lead the trick-or-treater to our door
This is our door on Hallween day.  Come knock on our door little kids!
Karen carved this pumpkin with a witch design.  We get these fun patterns to cut out. 
Karen cut this complicated haunted house on her pumpkin.  See the detail of the bats, tree and cemetery head stones.  Also note the ghost shadows in the background.
Melody carved a cat on her pumpkin.  Isn't it cute?
"Trick or Treat" is carved on this pumpkin.  It reminds trick-or-treaters what they need to say when they get to our door!