Our Halloween Celebration
Halloween 2004 (Indoor)
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Here is our Halloween display.  It's a halloween house with lots of ghouls and pumpkins around. 
The new addition to our Halloween display is the Hallowen background that we got.  It goes very well with our Halloween house set.
This reminds us of last year's Halloween party.  Karen dressed up as a wtich, and Melody dressed up as a cat.  And again Pooh is Karen and Piglet is Melody.
Here is our new Hallowen tree of ghosts. 
Karen and I love decorating for the holidays.  We got a lot of cute stuff indoor to decorate for Halloween as well.  Come see!
Here is a new witch we got.  It flies around in the sky!
Here are these cute pumpkins.  Reminds us of us.  Big pumpkin is Karen, small pumpkin is Melody.
Melody surprised Karen with a cookie basket she made herself.  There's pumpkins, ghosts, cats, and spiderwebs!  Really cool