Our Halloween Celebration
Halloween (2005)
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THis was our new blow-up pumpkin greeter.
Melody standing by our new halloween ladder.  See the ghost and witch climbing up the ladder?
Karen and I love to deocorate indoor and outdoor during Halloween.  We always have a lot of fun decorating.  Come see the decorations we had this year.
Here is our outdoor decorations.  We used rope lights this year.
We carved these Pooh and Piglet pumpkins.  Aren't they cute?
These were the new indoor items we bought.  Halloween tree, ghost and witches.
Karen posing with the Charlie Brown yard art.
The Charlie Brown gang decoration.  We like the Snoopy/Charlie brown gang.
This is our yard during the daytime.
Here is the guest room bed decorated.
Melody even got our bed decorated for Halloween.  There is nothing that doesn't get decorated in the house.
Melody got these cute clay figurines.  The black witch is Melody and the purple witch is Karen. 
We got a cool spider web to hang behind our witch.