Half Moon Bay
Pumpkin Festival
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We go to Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Patch every year to pick our pumpkins.  It's our tradition now.  We also see a lot of interesting animals at the pumpkin patch.  We then had a nice romantic dinner by the ocean/beach.
Here is Karen shopping for some pumkins.  We've got a big wagon for our big pumpkins.
Here are the four pumpkins we chose.  They are all different sizes.
Isn't this duck cute with his little afro?
Here is Melody next to the Pumpkin sign.  She looks cute with her teddy bear purse on her lap.
Here is Karen next to a cow.  She wants to be a cow in her next life.  She has seen cows by the ocean and has heard from the commercial, "happy cows come from California" so she wants to be a cow in her next life.
Here is Melody on the horse.  She is a kid at heart
Here is a pumpkin patch across the street.  It has a lot of white pumpkins as well.
This is Melody's favorite pumpkin.  It's the size of her hand.   A mini-pumpkin!
We got to spend some time by the ocean/beach in Half Moon Bay.  Karen loves the ocean.
We had a nice romantic dinner next to the ocean/beach.  We got to watch the sunset.  And we had a great meal!