Half Moon Bay
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We had an early anniversary down in Half Moon Bay.  We got a hotel that faced out to the beach.  We could leave our door open at night and hear the crashing  ocean waves.  It was a wonderful romantic get-away.
We started our adventure at Half Moon Bay with a whale trip.  We didn't see any whales.  We did some boat surfing, but didn't see anythig interesting.
Us getting ready to board our boat for the whale trip.  Melody ended up throwing up the entire trip.  It was not a fun experience for her.
Karen on the whale trip.  She was lucky she didn't get sea sick. 
This was the view from our hotel.  If you open these doors, you feel like you stepped out right into the ocean.  Karen just loved it.
We watched many sunsets while we were there at Half Moon Bay. 
Karen watching the sunset at Half Moon Bay.
Karen eating her breakfast in front of the ocean view.
Here was another view from our hotel room of the waves crashing towards the rocks.
We took a stroll  around the Half Moon Bay beach area.
We went to the beach and watched many waves like this crash onto the beach.
Here we are at the beach, just lounging in our chairs.
Melody inside a small cave on the beach.
Some more beautiful waves that were crashing in the ocean.