Guernville Forest
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We passed through Guernville when we were up doing the hot air balloon ride.  Guernville is supposed to be favorite travel spot for gay/lesbians.  It was very small town, full of pride.  We visted the Guernville forest while we were ther.e
Karen next to the big "Colonel Armstrong" tree.  These trees have ben around for thousands of years. 
Here we are walking along the path with all the beautiful tall trees.  There were trees of all different size and shapes everywhere.
Here is a picture of a tree that has fallen.  When trees fall, nobody comes to clean it up.  It just stays there and ther new trees grow around it.
Karen sitting on a tree seat.  Isn't she beautiful?
Melody looking innocently in the camera.  She wasn't so innocent in the next pictures afterwards, but that's only for Karen to see.  ;-)
Another fallen tree close up.