A Tribute to
Melody's Grandmother

We made a shrine for our grandmother.  Every day we had to serve 5 dishes of food as the spirity of Melody's grandmother came to visit each day.
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Melody with the funeral director.  He was very nice in helping us with the funeral arrangements.

Karen recorded the funeral procession.  Melody's uncles it to the right.

Many of Melody's dad church members and co-workers came to say good-bye.

The priest spoke about Melody's grandmother's life.

The chinese tradition is to have the family members dressed in white.

Here is Melody and her family members.  Melody's dad to the right.

We got these beautiful flowers.

This is the table in which we set up to pray to Melody's grandmother.

Melody's dad held a picture of Melody's grandmother.  Her spirit was to follow.
Melody's grandmother was creamated and this is us just outside the creamation before noon.
Earlier, Melody, Melody's sister and Melody's dad said a few parting words.
This was the setting for the funeral.
Melody's grandmother died a few days before Christmas day.  Here were some pictures from the funeral.