Easter (2005)
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Every year at Easter time we talk about coloring Easter Eggs.  This year, we really did it!  It was fun to pick the different colors and watch them magically transform before our eyes.  We had lots of fun making these colorful eggs.
Melody carefully makes a two-tone egg.  She chose blue and purple for her two colors.  Careful Melody, don't drop the egg!
Some of our early eggs.  These were our first efforts at coloring eggs.  We thought they turned out pretty good!
Here they are in all their colorfulness.  A dozen of brightly colored Easter Eggs!
Karen poses by our handy work.  They are all so coloful!
Here is Melody with Ann of the Today Show.  She was really great person.  There were only 15 of us standing outside watching the Today Show program.  All the rest of the Today Show team was away at the Summer Olympics.  She stayed and greeted us.
Melody does two-handed egg coloring!
She is taking out the pink and finishing off her two-toned blue and purple!
Karen carefully mixes the dye to just the right colors.  You can make them lighter or darker by adjusting the mix.  We wanted the darker, bolder colors!
Melody bought us this nice Pooh and Piglet Easter hanging.  We put it in our bedroom above our bed.  After Easter, you can change Piglets egg and keep it up all Spring!
Melody's favorite sugar cookies with icing and the edible images for Easter.  We had a nice Easter celebration this year and had lots of Easter Eggs to eat!