CA Domestic Partner (2007)
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For our 6th anniversary, we signed our California Domestic partnership papers.  We are official now!  
We went to get the papers notarized and later we got the final certificate. 
Karen dressed up with a beautiful smile.  She's signing the papers for the domestic partnership! 
Here is the paper we needed to sign and notrize to get declare our domestic partnership.
Melody signing the domestic partnership paper.
Here we are holding our domestic partnershp paper.  We are now official!i
The day we signed our domestic partner papers, it was also our 6 year anniversary so we went to Olive Garden for dinner.
Melody is ready for romantic nice dinner.
Here we are officially as a domestic partner.  Wife and wife?  Nah we prefer partner.   Aren't we a cute couple?
This is our official certificate of domestic partnership papers that we got back.  We are official!