Disney on Ice
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We went to Disney on Ice.  We went to see a cool ice show with all the Disney characters.  We saw Mulan, Toy Story characters, Lion King, and Disney princesses like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  It was a great show with colorful backgrounds!
Here we are excited to see the show!  We are such kids at heart!
Here is the ice show with Mulan's dragon
Here are the Toy story characters. 
Here are the Lion King characters.
Here is the ice show with a castle in the background.
Here is the castle coming alive with Disney "It's a Small World" theme.
Karen's favorite was the light show where they turned the lights off and turned on displays that were lighted. 
Here are the disney skaters hailing to the blast of lights from the castle.
Here are the Disney skaters skating together.  See  Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and more!
The end of the show.  The fun had to end.  Here's Mickey with his friends!