Santa Cruz Clam Chowder 2007
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We love clam chowder!  So we went to the Santa Cruz Clam Chowder cook-off to try an assortment of clam chowder.  It's a lot of fun tasting.  Come see the fun we had.
Here we are at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ready for the Clam Choweder Festival!
Karen is anxious to start tasting.  Here are our cups and sppons.
One of the contestants cooking their clam chowder.
All the clam shells shucked.
Everyone had a booth set up.  This booth decided to call themselves "The Silence of the Clams".
Karen voted for her favorite clam chowder!
Here are scenes from the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk.
Another beautiful sunny day on the beach.
Melody with her ice-cream cone.  Is she wearing a sweater at the beach?
Karen said she could not win this game so she tried to prove to Melody she couldn't win, but instead she won!  She got this hammer as her prize!