New Christmas Items
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Every year we like to get new Christmas items.  It could be new Christmas ornaments or cute decorations for the house.  Come see some of the cute stuff we got for the holidays!
Melody got this cute custom made ornament for us.  It's Karen and Melody in the tub together!  She even got the hair colors to match!  This was our favorite ornament this year!
Karen had a thing for penguins this year so we got two cute huggable stuff animal penguins.  The blue one is Melody and the purple one is Karen.  That's our favorite colors.
Every year we get an ornament with all our family's name on it.  This year this ornament was packed to 10!  What a big family we have!
Karen got this cute Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Christmas tree ornament.  When you pull on the string, the sky lights up with lots of stars.
We got a cute Pooh and Piglet Christmas stocking holder.  We liked it so much we both ended up buying two of them on eBay! 
Here is the Pooh and Piglet Stocking to go with the stocking holder.
Karen got Melody a countdown calendar.  Inside is filled with chocolate.  Yummy!
We got this penguin with all the lights to stand next to the fireplace.  Aren't they cute!