Christmas with
Melody's Sister (2005)
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Jennifer, Melody's sister, had to leave out-of-town during Christmas, so we celebrated early instead.
Melody and her younger sister, Jennifer.  Jennifer gave Melody a black cat calendar for Christmas.
Karen got Jennifer a bug zapper!  So she doesn't have to squish those yucky spiders!
Chester stared at the black cat calendar from Aunt Jenny.  He must of thought it was a real cat!
Karen and Melody snuggling close together.
Melody's dad got Jennifer a stuffed animal puppy dog.
Jennifer, Melody and Karen.  Group picture!
Jenny and Karen get ready to dig in and eat.  We had a mix of traditions this year with Chinese, American and vegetarian cuisine served.
Karen enjoys a smore for dessert.
Melody gave her a smores maker for Christmas and we all enjoyed toasting marshmellows and melting chocolate between graham crackers.!
Christmas is a great time to make smores.  They are a great treat for cold nights.