Christmas with our Pets (2005)
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We love our pets and consider them family.  So for Christmas we give them lots of presents too.
Melody with Swirl on Christmas day.  This was Swirl's first Christmas with the family.
Karen feeding Christmas treats to Nike, Chester, Swirl and Bambi.  They sure loved it!
Nike looking at her play new play toy.  She's deciding whether to jump and go for it or not.
Chester found the stash of kitty treats.  He's a smart boy!
Karen bought Bambi a new binky toy.  She has another one exactly like this but it is worn out.  She loves to drag this binky toy around the house. 
Swirl having fun with the new cat toy!
Karen playing fish the kitty with Nike as Bambi watches one.
Melody feeding Princess her doggy treat.
This was Momma Kitty's last christmas. She loved to cuddle among the christmas gifts.  She will be missed.