Our 2005 Christmas Celebration
Our Christmas Gifts
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Christmastime is our favorite holiday.  We love to spoil each other with various gifts.  Melody got this cute poodle flower bouqet for Karen.  Isn't it adorable and unique?
Karen and Melody on Christmas day.  Behind is the twon village we put up every year.
Karen loves her Thomas Kinkade lighthouse from her mother.
Melody's Christmas gifts from everyone.
Karen's Christmas gift from everyone.
Melody got Karen the "Super Scrabble" game.  She loves Scrabble, and this game has more pieces and more spaces!
Karen got Melody Ms Pacman game to relive her childhood memories.
These glass pumpkins were given by Melody to Karen.  They were beautiful.
Karen made Melody a quilt for Christmas with all the family kids on the picture. 
Melody by the Christmas tree.  Isn't she  cute in her little Santa outfit?
One of Melody's favorite book is Fingersmith.  She got the hardback version of it from Karen.