Big Sur (2007)
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We did a trip to Big Sur around Mother's Day weekend.  We got to see 3 beautiful waterfalls and had a nice dinner with a great view.
We found these huge trees that had a cave inside it.  This one almost ate up Karen!
Here we are at another tree.  Look how huge it is.
This is Karen by the first waterfall we saw. 
Here's a close-up of the 1st waterfall.  It is a narrow waterfall, but falls from very high altititude.
This beautiful blue bird followed us everywhere.  It shared our lunch and walked us to the waterfall.
Karen made it for her first hike back!  Yay!
This is the second waterfall we saw.  The water flows onto the beach and into the ocean.
Here is a view from above of the second waterfall.
Karen loves to stop at see the blue ocean.
Here was another beautiful scene as we hiked to see the 3rd waterfall.
Melody tries her best to hold up the tree for Karen.
We had a nice dinner in which we had this nice view to enjoy.
Karen and Melody is ready for their dinner.  We are hungry was we hiked about 2-3 miles.
We had a meat feast.  We had lobster, chicken, spare ribs and steak for dinner.  Yummy.