Our Fifth Anniversary &
2005 Valentines Day
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We were unable to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and Valentines Day together.  Karen was out of town taking care of her mother.  But here were the gifts were exchanged.  Wood symbolizes our 5th year anniversary so we gave each other various wood gifts. 
Melody gave Karen this 5 year commemorative wood plaque.  It had pictures of each of the years we were together.
Karen gave Melody these wooden cats.  The soccerball one is Melody's favorite since she used to play soccer when she was young.
Melody gave this anniversary card to Karen. 
Melody gave this Valentine card to Karen.  It was perfect for us.  Karen is Pooh and Melody is Piglet.  The card said from Pooh to Piglet.
Karen gave Melody these Valentine gifts.  Some candy, coupons and sock.
Melody made Karen a scrapbook of the Half Moon Bay trip.
Here are some of the pages from the Scrapbook.