Our Third Anniversary &
Valentines Day
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This year Melody and I celebrated our third anniversary together.  Since our anniversary is close to Valentine's we tend to celebrate twice.
We kept the celebrationssimple this year and decided to take advantage of a beautiful day, Saturday,  to have a picnic.  We drove to Vallejo, found a park and had a picnic lunch.  We took Princess along so she could enjoy the day too!
Sunday, we had our Anniversary Celebration!
The next weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day!
Here is our lovely park!
Okay, it wasn't a lovely park, it was just a dirt path around some overgrown weeds.
But it was close to the water and that made Karen happy.  We sat on a bench and ate our sandwiches looking out at the water.
Princess smiles for the camera.
She was just happy to be out and let the wind blow back her ears.  She had a great time walking along the dirt path.
From our little bench, we could see two bridges, this one was to our left.  It is a draw bridge that raises up when big ships need to pass.  Although it never raised while we were there, it was fun to hear the cars drive over it.
This bridge was to our right.  We couldn't resist taking a drive over it as it towered so high in the air.  When you drive up, it's like you are driving straight up into the air.  It was so much fun.  We might just go back to drive over the bridge again!
Karen and Princess look out over the water from our little bench.  There were supposed to be tables, but we couldn't find any.  Not that we were complaining.  It was really nice to sit and look out at the water.  It was a really nice day...not too cold or windy.
A view from the path.  We walked along the path a little ways.
Across the water is a military base of some kind.  We tried to go over and see it, but you had to have an appointment to go over there.
We drove to the marina and saw ships parked across the bay.  One is a cruise ship, the other was a tanker.  They had to have the bridge raised for them to get where they were.  Too bad we couldn't see it happen.
This was our Anniversary project.
Melody and I took turns painting each other and then we pressed the painting onto the canvas.  It was quite fun.  You can use your imaginations to figure out the pictures.
What do you see?
For Valentine's Day, Karen made almond Creme Burlee, one of Melody's favorite desserts. They were made in pink, heart shaped ramekins.
Our cards to each other are at the top.
For Valentine's Day, Karen cooked a special meal; bacon, musharoom cheeseburgers. 
Boy were they good!
Melody also cooked a special meal for our Anniversary/Valentine's celebration.  She cooked lobster tails, but they looked so good that we ate them before we remembered to take a picture.  You will just have to trust us that they looked and tasted fantastic!