Visiting SF with Our Friend
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Our friend, Amy visited us to get a feel of what the California lifestyle was like.  So we showed her a lot of the famous San Francisco/Bay Area sites around town.  It was a lot of fun visiting these familiar sites.
We went to see the Golden Gate bridge.  Karen and Melody next to the infamous Golden Gate bridge.
This was an interesting structure that we passed.  It's a cross bow and arrow in the ground.  Wonder what it means?
Karen really enjoyed the boat trip around Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate bridge.  There was an audio tape tour in which she learned a lot of interesting facts about San Francisco.
Here we are taking a moment to imitate the seals next to us.  Aren't we cute?
We also showed Amy the beach.  California beaches are not what it seems in tv.  They are actually very cold both outside and in the water.
Here is a view of a large lake we passed along to San Mateo.
We fed some ducks or geese in the river.  Boy were they hungry.  They weren't shy and came right out to you to take the food out of your hand. 
Look at these baby ducks.  Aren't they cute? 
Here is a bunch of koy Japanese fish at the Japanese garden.  They come in all different colors and we can feed them food.