About Us
Last Updated October 16, 2011
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(Left to Right) Karen and Melody
Karen graduated from University of Texas El Paso with a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems.  She worked at Texas Instrument as a Software Systems Analyst for three years.  Her previous job experience includes movie theater Manager for AMC Theatres, and Payroll Clerk at UTEP, while finishing her degree.  Currently she is a homemaker and personal assistant to Melody.

Karen was raised in El Paso, TX in a close knit family.  She has one son, Tony, who she raised alone and with the help of her family.  In 1994, Karen was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myasthenia Gravis, both immune system disorders.  Her health has prevented her from working outside the home, but she is still plays a vital role  in keeping the house running smoothly.  Karen is openly out to her family and close friends.    Her hobbies include cooking, crafts and home improvement projects when her health allows for it.

About the Couple (Karen & Melody)

Short Summary about Us:
We have been together for ten years (Feb 8, 2001).   We had a long distance relationship for 1.5 years until Karen's son graduated from high school.  Karen was living in El Paso, TX and Melody was living in San Francisco, CA.  In August 2002, Karen moved over to California to be with Melody and have been living together for about 6 years.  We have a 15 years age difference (Melody is 33, Karen is 48).  We currently have a 7 month old daughter, Makenzie.

How Did We Meet?
We met online on the Bianca "All My Children" message board in January 2001.  Karen's son had erased an episode of All My Children soap opera so Karen posted and asked if someone had a copy of it.  Melody responded that she would make a tape before her business trip.   We started emailing each other a lot and chatting online. 

At the time, Melody was struggling with coming out to her boyfriend of 7 years and her family/friends.  The Bianca gay tv storyline had helped her realize that she wanted to be in a loving relationship like Bianca and Sarah.  So when she came back from her business trip, she ended her relationship with her boyfriend and came out to her friends and family soon after.  Karen was emotionally supportive during this time for Melody.

We started building our relationship slowly afterwards.  We talked everyday on the phone.  We flew in to visit each other every other month.  We had fun long distance dates (we watch movies together by pushing "play" at the same time, played online games, read each other stories).   We eventually moved in together after a year and a half long distant relationship.

What Makes Our Relationship Work?
We are both very easy going casual simple folks.  We have similar taste in foods, interests and styles.  Yet we are different, and can compliment each other's strengths and weakness.  For instance, Karen is overly optimistic and Melody is more pessimistic.  Melody likes planning and organizing, while Karen is more of a self-doer.  We create a good balance.  And most important, we spend time together.  Whether it's our night-time talks just before we go to sleep, doing projects together, working out on the garden, taking our kids for walk, eating dinner together, going out and playing pool, making Friday a day that Karen and I spend together, we enjoy our time together.

Also our family has been supportive and acceptive of our relationship.  Both sides of the family members have opened their arms to welcome us.  As well our friends have been supportive and encouraging as well.   This makes our relationship so much stronger because we can be who we are around the ones we love.

What Do We Like to Do for Fun?
We like to make local trips to the beach, hang out with friends, stay at home to watch tv (i.e. Project Runway, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother,  Big Bang Theory, Top Chef, Amazing Race, Ameria's Top Model), work on the our various projects (KarMel Scholarship , throw parties, and decorate for the holidays).

What does our future hold?
We will be having adventures with our new baby daughter, Makenzie.  We would like to purchase the house we are renting from Melody's parents. We would like to travel to Bahamas, Australia, and Boston.  
Melody graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering.  She has worked in various high tech companies such as Visa, Cisco, PlanetRx.com and Mosaic Industries as a Marketing Director, Project Manger and Business Analyst.  In October 2003, Melody decided to take a break from the high tech industry to pursue some of her interests.   She worked at Sears Photo Studio, as a photographer, over the holidays and worked as an intern at Wolfe Video, a GLBT film distribution company.  However, she went back to high-tech.  Currently, she is at Cisco as an IT Analyst.

Melody came out seven years ago (Feb 2001) to her family and friends, and all have been supporitve.  In her spare time, Melody likes to come up with various new, GLBT related projects or participate in various GLBT events in the community, work on home improvement projects and photography. 

Our Kids (13 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats
Bambi is our shy girly girl.  She has a soft temper.  She is the smallest cat as she weights like 6 lbs.  She loves to go outside to roll around on the cement.  She loves to eat sweet food (i.e. ice cream, chocolate, marshmellow).  She has a very cute baby "meow" sound.  She is Karen's little baby.
Nike is our butch girl.  She is Melody's best pal and likes to follow Melody around.  She loves to sleep next to Melody, get her tummy rubbed by her aunt, Jenny, and lie on the keyboard while Melody is typing. 
Chester is our alpha-male.   He rules the roost.  He loves to wrestle any cat he can get his hands on.  He likes to go for walks on a leash to eat grass and chase bugs.  He's built really strong , tall and looks like an Egyptian cat.  He loves to drink water from cups.  He gets tucked in to his own room each night.  He's got lots of personality and is very friendly with other people.  
Razzy loves to be close to us.   He likes us to hold him like a baby.   He loves to beg for food during dinner.  
We think he is the father of Fuzzy and Jazzy, as he takes very good care of them and is close to them.  
Fuzzy is our other feral cat.  She will hiss at you when you get close, but will let you touch her and give ear rubs.  She has the softest fur.  She's very timid and shy.  She is sisters with Jazzy. 
Jazzy is our other feral cat.  Fuzzy is her sister.  She won't let you touch her at all.  But she will let you get close and smell your hand.   She likes to play with toys.   
Owl is has her left ear is cut because the Humane society makes notches to symbolize a feral cat is fixed. (the picture is her before her ears were cut)  She likes to make a lot of noise when other cats get close to her. 
Chelsea is Melody's baby.  She won't let Karen touch her at all, but loves Melody to give her rubs.  She has the cutest pink nose.  She is afraid of most of the catsso she likes to stay in one room most of the time.
Swirl was found by Karen in the dumpster looking for food.  She loves to play with ice-cubes and catch flies.  She likes to go out for walks too.  She likes to hang out with Makenzie.  She will get on our case when baby cries and make sure we take care of her.
Kelsey is our indoor cat.  He has lots of energy and loves to play.  He talks a lot too.  He is a very gentle soul and gets along with all our cats.
Baby is our outdoor feral cat.  She came with her uncle, Archie (who got adopted out to Melody's sister, Jennifer).  She is really soft temper.  She likes to catch mouses. She won't let you touch her,
Vixen is our other outdoor cat.  She had 3 kittens that we rescued and adopted out to Karen's brother and another person.  We ended up keeping her.  She's like a mother.  She loves to get petted, and is also very independent.
Benjamin is pure black cat with stubby tail.  He's our ourdoor cat that lives with Baby and Vixen in our backyard patio.  He is a plumpy black cat.  He's really a gently soul and loves to be petted.  He and Baby are very close friends.
Squeaker is our youngest cat.  She was a neighbor's sister's cat, and we took her to get fixed.  Next thing your know the neighbor does not want the cat around anymore because she is pregnant.  She has a very fiesty attitude.   She loves to eat chips.  She has a very cute squeak.
Jughead is our neighbor's cat, which we took to get fixed.  We kept him too.  He's quiet fellow.  He loves to wrestle with other cats and plays a lot.  He may look skinny but he has a lot of muscle.  He loves to finish off everyone's food.  We consider him Squeaker's brother.
Slim is our last cat we let indoor.  He likes to hang out in the garage with Juggy and Squeaker.  He's a scaredy cat and a cry baby.  He's a talker.

Makenzie was born in March 2011.  She is beautiful daughter.  We have lots of fun with her.  Currently she loves to put everything in her mouth, sit up right, touch things, smile and laugh.