Snow White -The Gay Version
Written by Melody on March 24, 2002
Edited by Karen
There once lived two happily gay men, who were a couple.  They both wished that they could have a child.
One day on their snowy door step, they found an abandoned baby boy.  They were overjoyed and called the child, 'Snow White'.  They raised the boy for a few years.
Unfortunately, one of the gay man died due to illness.  The other gay man decided to marry a queen purely for financial reasons.
The queen was very vain and  wanted to marry the most handsome man.  Each day she would ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest man of all?" 
The mirror would reply, "Your husband, The king is the most handsome man of all."
The queen was delighted that she had married the most handsome man.
But one day, the queen asked the mirror, and the mirror responded, "Snow White is the fairest of them all."
This angered the queen as she wanted the most handsome man to be married to her, and she could never marry her step-son.
So she got a fair maiden to take Snow White into the forest to kill him by pushing him over a cliff. 
But the fair maiden saw the gentle heart of Snow White, and she did not have the courage to push him over the cliff.  So she told Snow White of the queen's plan and told him to run deep into the forest.
Snow White ran into the forest and saw a home, where there lived 7 dwarfs.  The dwarfs allowed Snow White to live with them.  They lived happily together for many years..
One day the queen asked the mirror, and found that Snow White was still alive, so she dressed as a witch and came with an apple for Snow White.  Snow White ate the apple and fell into a deep sleep.
Now out of the seven dwarfs, there were 3 gay couples and Doc was the only one alone.  Doc had fallen in love with Snow White.  He felt sad and kissed Snow White as he slept.
Snow White awoke and said, "My dream guy has saved me!" and kissed him back.
So Doc and Snow White lived happily ever after with the other 6 dwarfs.
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