Sleeping Beauty - The Gay Version
Written By Melody  on March 2002
Edited by Karen
There once lived a king and queen who wished they could have a baby of their own.  Many years went by and they finally gave birth to a baby girl.
They were so happy.  They decided to have a christening, where they invited the seven fairies.
But the seventh fairy never got her invitation because she had fallen out with her sisters. 
So on the day of the christening, the fairies started to give their gifts:  'Happiness',  'Beauty', 'Wisdom', 'Laughter' and a 'Voice like an Angel'.
Before the sixth fairy could give her gift, the seventh fairy showed up.  The fairies were all horrified to see their sisters.
The seventh fairy said, "I have a present for your baby.  When your baby girl turns 16 years old, she will prick her finger on a spindle and she will be a LESBIAN, just like me!"
Horrified the king and queen demanded the seventh fairy to be removed.  The king said, "I will not have my daughter be a lesbian!"
The sixth fairy came in and said, "Don't worry king, I still have not given my present.  Instead of becoming a lesbian she will fall into a deep sleep, for hundreds of years, until she is awakened by a kiss from a prince."
From that day on, all spindles were destroyed.  Also the princess came only in contact with boys and men.  No girls or women servants were allowed in the kingdom. 
But when the princess was 16, while everyone was preparing for her birthday, she found a room in the castle with a spindle.
The seventh fairy suddenly appeared and started to show the princess how to spin the spinning wheel. 
The princess pricked her finger on the spinning wheel, and suddenly a rush of feelings overwhelmed her.  She started to look at the seventh fairy differently.  She found her very attractive. 
But before anything could happen, she fell to the floor and into a deep sleep.
The six other fairies carried the sleeping princess to a bed and since they didn't want her to wake up alone, they put  the entire kingdom into a deep sleep.
More than a hundered years went by.  A prince was walking around and found a forest covered with thorns. The prince  wondered what was behind the trees and set off to discover what was hidden there. 
The prince discovered the kingdom and all the sleeping people.  Everywhere he looked, everyone was asleep.  The prince found the King and Queen and tried, with no luck, to awaken them.  Then the prince is saw the princess.
The prince  walked over and looked at  the beautiful, sleeping princess, and gave her a sweet kiss on her lips. 
The kiss awakened the princess.  And when she woke up, the enitre kingdom awakened as well.
The king was ecstatic that the prince had awoken his daughter, and wanted to make sure that his daughter was not a lesbian.  So he quickly granted the prince, his daughter's hand in marriage.
So they had a big wedding.  And the king and queen were very happy for they had beaten the fairy and her curse.
On the wedding night, the couple was fooling around in bed. 
The princess was feeling around and was surprised to discover, "You're a girl!"
The prince said, "Yes.  I always get mistaken for a boy.  I have this butch look."
The princess said, "But I was supposed to be kissed by a prince!"
The prince replied, "But I am a prince - ess!"
They both laughed.
The princess asked, "How could I be married to you though?"
The prince said, "Oh honey.  We are living in 2051.  Marriages are now legal to gay/lesbian couples!"
"You are ok with this, aren't you?"
The princess looked at her and smiled, "Of course, I am.  I was born gay.  I didn't need to be pricked by a spindle to tell me I was a lesbian.  I just needed to meet a girl".
And so the princesses both lived happily ever after.
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