KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2009 Winners!
Best Artistic
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2009 Runner-Up & Special Awards
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received, additional awards were presented. 
Let's congratulate these winners as well! 
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"Still In the Closet" & "Different"
Sage Trail - OR
Melody's Favorite ($75)
Karen's Favorite ($75)
Runner Up - Written ($100 each)
Runner Up - Artistic ($100 each)
"Busting the Myths of Homosexuality" 
(Video and Personal Story)
Aaron Eischerd, IL
Last Updated August 1, 2009
"Coming Out"
(Personal Story)
David Hubbard - CA

"The story of how ten simple words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi changed the entire course of my life and ultimately inspired me to come out.." - David

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"The Burning Fall"
(Fictional Story)
Amy Rogers - NY

"The story of two freshman women who meet and fall in love, but society, their families and boyfriends stand in their way to happiness.  Can they continure to fight their feelings or will they be engulfed in an eferno of passion?  Follow them through this heart soaring story of real life and love.." - Amy

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"Remembering My Sister"
(Personal Story)
Graham Trail - OR
Special Judges' Award ($100)
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"Short essay about my sister transitioning into my brother" - Graham

An excerpt:
"No one has died.
This isn't that sort of obituary.
My family has lost a future, however, and all the accumulated hopes and silly expectations and little pleasures attached to it have been swept away. 
My sister has renounced her gender.

Expect pronoun trouble.

If this was a glass-half full sort of paper then maybe I'd be celebrating the emergence of my brother, or simply the transformation of my sibling.  And there will be celebrations- Christmases and birthdays (two birthdays?) and road trips and long walks and wrestling mataches.  But I also need time to remember my sister, and to acknowledge her loss.
So: Sage Trail (the girl) is gone.  She was born August 24th 1990, to a caring middle-class family in San Francisco.  She died, at age 18, of self-inflicted wounds in October 2008.  She was just beginning her first year at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.  She is survived by Sage Trail (the boy), who is keeping the name and is slowly making physical progress toward masculinity.  "Getting rid of my goodies," he told me over the phone.  His current Facebook status is "Sage Trail is watching desperate housewives like a real man."

Our family mourns the loss."

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Best Written
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2009 Honorable Mention Awards
This year we decided to award honorable mention awards by media and subject.  We wanted to showcase the best of the best!
(Transgender Poem)
Liam Mina, WA

"A poem comparing my experiences being transgender to my dad's experiences being a Lebanese-American immigrant." - Liam

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Best Sensual ($50):
"Natural Beauty" by Natalie Brilmyer - PA
Best Drag Queen ($50):
"The Entry Level Queen" by Miranda Barzey - KY
Most Unique Idea ($50):
"Pieces of Community" by Allisaon Edwards - AZ
Best Bi-Sexual ($50):
"Ignoring Aubergine" by Molly Rodin - MA
Best Slam/Spoken Word ($50):
"You Don't Really Know Me" by Kalil Cohen - CA
Best Drawing ($50):
"The Hand of Freedom" by Caroline Chao - CA
Best Video ($50):
"Inside Out" by Oriana Boldern, CA - Coming Soon.
Best Photo ($50):
"Girl vs Boy" by Chelsea Ferraiuolo - FL
Best Essay($50):
"Gay Culture" by Icee Griffin
Best Editorial ($50):
"Why Shouldn't My Parents be Allowed to Marry" by Sara Gardner - Heart - CA
Best Poem ($50):
"Love for Catholicism (and all Other Similar Minded Peoples)" by M Williams - NY
A "Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender" Themed Scholarship
By Media
By Subject
2005 Winners
"We were truly amazed at the quality and creativity put forth by all the applicants this year. 
We received more than 400 submissions from 200 applicants, and awarded a total of $2,500. 
Come view the wonderful submissions we received!  Enjoy!"  -
Karen and Melody (Aug 1, 2009)
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"Busting the Myths of Homosexuality"

"A video that both debunks and pokes fun at gay stereotypes.  ." - Aaron

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"An essay about the vicious rumor that forced me to come out" - Aaron

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".Still In the Closet - Showing that my female body is just an outside shell --not who I really feel I am.
Ink on paper 29" X 32".  December 2008
Different - Are we more than just our genitals?  Are we completely defined by our genitals? 
Oil and collage on paper.  60" X 42".  December 2008" - Sage

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"Define Love,
Define Marriage"
Erica Zhang, CA

"An essay about how  I personally feel about Prop 8 and why it is unjustified and how it affects everyone." - Erica

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"Same-Sex Marriage: To Legalize or not to Legalize, That is the Question"
Ashleigh Emmons- WA

" Research paper on Gay Marriage."  = Ashleigh

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"Come Out!"
(Book Cover - Drawing)
Elizabeth Yaros, IL

"This is the cover from a book I am working on to help those who are stuggling to come out as LGBT." - Elizabeth

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"Like Salt and Peppper:
A Coming Out Story"
Amy Cousins - TX

"This is a short artists book I made by dying paper with coffee and creating rubber stamps for the shakers.  I used xerox gransfers for the text.  It's a 6 page book; the cover and each page are attached.  It is bound with string" - Amy

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This year's winners are talented siblings!  Graham won for Best Written submission for his moving rememberence of his sister, Sage.  It's not the story you think it is!  Sage won Best Artistic for his inspiring and thought provoking art pieces.  We think these pieces will stay on your mind for a long time!
"The Truth"
(Coming Out Poem)
Gautam Ramdurai, VA

"Personally, I have never experienced the prejudice and misunderstanding the LGBT community deals with every single day.  But, living in a country where, until recently, homosexuality was a criminal offense - I have seen how families, society and even the lawmakers refuse to grant sexual minorities the right to be themselves.  I could only imagine their pain - which I did - and put that in words that you see here.  At some point, despite all that happens around you, you just need to accept the truth and expect the world around you to do the same.  This poem is about that  acceptance." - Gautam

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"Gay Pride" 
"The Divide"
(Poem and Painting)
Maggie Moore -
"Gay Pride"

"Poem expressing the pride I feel about a gay friend." - Maggie

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"The Divide"

"Abstract acrylic on canvas symbolizing the separation of the heterosexual majority and the homosexual minority" - Maggie

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"Everchanging Tides" 
"Peace of Mind"
(Personal story and Drawing)
Brina Schuch - NM
"Everchanging Tides"

"My personal journey of coming out to myself and my conservative world." - Brina

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"Peace of MInd"

"A drawing depicitng the possibility of peace between America and the LGBTQ community." - Brina

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Best Gay Marriage ($50):
"Today, Another Day" by Shannon Chong - FL
Best Gay Rights ($50):
"Change Will Come" by Melicia Montero - AZ
Best Transgender ($50):
"Her.She.Me" by Ciara Foster - CA
Best Coming Out ($50):
"My Escape" by Thomas Cavell - FL