Coming Out to
My Boyfriend, Sister and Friends
Background:  I posted this message on the AMC Board after coming out to my boyfriend of 6 years, sister and friends.  I came out to them on February 9-10, 2001
Hi Everyone,
(Since my post was deleted yesterday, I am going to try again. I can't remember every word I said, but I will try to do my best.)
This weekend I told my boyfriend of 6 years, close friends and sister that I was gay.  
I'm a 25 year girl/woman, who has been in a 6 year relationship with guy who I was not in love with. 
In October, I started watching All My Children, and I so related to Bianca's storyline.  I remember hearing Sarah say that it was easier to get married, and I felt the same way too, but  I knew deep down inside that it was the hardest thing to do.  To live a lie every day of your life. 
Then on New Year's Eve, I posted on the AMC message board that I was gay.   This was the first time I ever said anything like that. 
Later I saw that people on the AMC board were missing episodes of the show so offered to record the tape for them for free.  I thought, if I never come out, at least maybe I can help others in some way.  In exchange, all I asked was to know why they were interested in the storyline.  And I heard so many great stories and experiences, and I felt less alone.
Then I met 2 wonder people on this message board through these tapes.  One is someone who was my age, going through the same emotions as I was.  And we slowly got to know each other on a very simple level and start sharing our interests from her loving Disney movies and football to her even crying from watching Disney movies.  It was so nice to be able to connect with her in that way.
The last tape I made was for kdtx (Karen).  She related to me her experiences of going through with the marriage, and how difficult it was for her.  It was so sad that I knew I never wanted to go through that myself.  Through these past 3 weeks, she has been there with me each step of the way listening to me and supporting me.  She is the best.
So this weekend, I ended my 6 year relationship with my boyfriend and told him I was gay.  I thought he would take it badly, but instead he listened and made a few little jokes.  But as he walked away, I could see how sad he was feeling.  But I know it is for the best.
The next day I got my 3 closest friends together and told them I was gay.  To my surprise, all were supportive.  Then I told my sister, and she was very supportive as well.  I am very lucky to have good friends, a sister, and the AMC friends that were so supportive.  The Bianca storyline has made me realize who I really am.  It has given me the courage to step and be proud to be gay.  
I hope everyone will one day find the courage to look within themselves to be who they really are because only then will you be truly happy with your life.
If anyone would like to talk about anything or ask me any questions regarding anything, feel free to email me at:
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